Management Services

As an owner of a major investment property, one of the most important decisions you will make is the selection of a property manager. Who will staff your property, position it properly in the marketplace, maintain it physically, and prepare and manage your budgets? Who can you trust as a partner in your success?

As owners—and managers—of apartment communities nationwide, RMK knows the importance of good property management. We know that the right people and operating systems are critical pieces of the puzzle, but that outstanding property management requires the expertise that only four decades in the business brings.
We utilize our experience and expertise in the real estate management industry to offer clients consulting services for due diligence. We can handle all aspects of the due diligence process, from income and expense review, analysis and forecasting to physical inspections and administrative audits.
  • Unit Inspection
  • Exterior and Common Area Inspection
  • Lease File Audit
  • Operating Budget
  • Competitive Market Survey
  • Capital Expenditures
Founded in 1996, M&R Development is a developer of luxury, high-end rental apartment buildings ranging in style from garden and mid-rise to urban high-rise. Over the past two decades, the company has developed 21 properties with over 4,127 units in greater Chicago, making it the largest developer of suburban properties in the area. M&R Development strives to make every development as energy efficient as possible and has received LEED Certification on its five most recent projects, which include The Residences of Wilmette, 73 East Lake, Central Station, Parc Huron, and The Residences at Hamilton Lakes. Our last project, The Residences at Addison and Clark, which opened in the fall of 2018 is anticipated to receive LEED certification as well.
RMK Restoration services properties we own and manage as well as numerous other apartment communities throughout the Midwest. When RMK Restoration rehabs a property, it enhances and modernizes the space with the addition of energy-saving appliances, fixtures and systems. In addition, in keeping with our companywide commitment to greener operations, RMK Restoration makes sustainable choices wherever possible in redevelopment projects—for instance, using recycled cabinets or flooring.