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Dear Residents, 

Watching all of the traumatic events on the news lately has left many of us reeling.  Us too, so we understand how you feel. 

Things are changing and there are some genuinely smart people of all colors, law enforcement responsibilities, political beliefs, and religions working to find ways to understand and support each other moving forward. While there are no easy ways to bring everyone’s views and needs together, we always have, and always will, genuinely support their efforts.

RMK is a family company. And when times get difficult, family is there for encouragement, understanding and support. Though family togetherness can be helpful, you’ve undoubtedly noticed we’ve made a conscious decision to take a short break from our social media efforts and resident events.  Even though we love engaging with all of you,  we “get it” that many of you are feeling very sensitive right now. Things we’d ordinarily say to each other can be too easily misinterpreted or misunderstood.  So, we’ve felt it best to limit our messaging for a while, and just be there for support and normal everyday problem solving.

For some of you, It might be getting old to hear “We’re all in this together,” but the fact is that we are!  So from our family to yours, we’ll continue to do our part to make your home a comforting place to be.  Together, our families are one. And even though we’re just quietly working behind the scenes right now, please know we’re always here for you..

Diana Pittro
Executive Vice President
RMK Management